The summer school is organized in collaboration between The Image Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen and the Image Analysis and Computer Graphics section, DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark.

Co-funding partners
  • Michiel Kallenberg, michiel.k@di.ku.dk
  • Susan Nasirumbi Ipsen, suntonn@di.ku.dk
  • Anders Boesen Lindbo Larsen, abll@dtu.dk
  • Ulla Jensen, ulje@dtu.dk

ECTS credits

Participation in the summer school will give you 3.0 ECTS credits if you present a poster at the summer school. This includes:

  • Bringing a poster (relevant to the summer school topic, preferably). Max. dimensions are 88cm wide x 126cm tall (A0 portrait).
  • A poster teaser (1-2 slides, 1 minute) at the summer school.
  • Presenting your poster at a designated poster session.

Please send an email to michiel.k@di.ku.dk with the poster title, your poster (PDF format) and 1-2 teaser slides (PDF format) no later than 11 August. The poster will be put on this homepage and the poster teasers compiled and ready for the summer school.

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